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Military & Defence Logistics

Tim Cox

6 Mar 2019

Barricane have gained a significant amount of experience in both warehousing and transport to support military logistics operations. This is a very specific sector, for further information please contact Tim on 07879 626357 or

The designing of logistics services to support military and defence operations presents a set of challenges that do not exist in other sectors.

The design of a military/defence logistics network must take into account the following factors:-

Varying service levels
Surge activities: representing significant peaks in activity
True multi modal operations

We have experience of transport and warehousing operations to support military logistics operations both at a national and unit level. Our experience has resulted in the design of logistics operations with the following freight types:-

General freight
Section 5
add more if necessary
We have experience working directly with the MOD at all levels as well as civilian third party logistics providers operating in the defence sector.

Data Availability and Collection within the Defence Sector
A major challenge in this sector is the availability and collection of accurate logistics data. We have gained a great deal of experience of the processes involved to build an accurate data set to allow military and defence logistics operations to be modelled. With such a diverse range of software across the military disciplines, building a data set in a common format can often present challenges before any modelling and design work has even started. From combining output from different platforms through to a manual data collection exercise where accurate historical data does not exist, we are confident that we can build an accurate data set to allowing meaningful design work to take place.

Major Projects
We have completed major projects involving military warehousing and transport network re-modelling. The projects involved a complete re-design of current logistics systems and strategies. We have also been involved in transition projects, moving from the design stage to operational implementation.

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