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Warehouse Design and Simulation

Warehouse Design.jpg

From design, layout and simulation of a new warehouse operation to the process mapping, analysis and improvement of existing facilities we can provide a full support service resulting in a 3D graphical simulation of the warehouse itself, backed up by detailed financial models.

  • New build and existing facilities

  • Analysis and selection of appropriate racking considering

    • Product characteristics, throughput, etc.

  • Optimum internal layout

    • Exportable to CAD design tools

  • Slotting of each SKU within the racking profile

  • Resourcing and costing

  • Large database of rack types and handling equipment

  • Simulation of internal warehouse operations

  • Test the solution in a safe, 3D environment

  • Visualise and sense check the operation

  • Detailed financial models for internal business case and financial sign off

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