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Strategic Supply Chain Design

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Strategic supply chain modelling involves the input of all elements of the supply chain into a single, integrated model to allow each key cost driver to be optimised against a set of criteria.  Manufacturing constraints, customer service levels etc, are all considered and the final model is represented both graphically, and financially.

We use a variety of techniques and software to build bespoke supply chain models to accurately reflect your business operating in the real world.  The software includes the following:-

Considers suppliers, production facilities, DC’s and customer demands

  • Local, regional and global modelling capability

  • Optimum depot locations based on demand, supply and service levels

  • Optimum network structure trading off:

    • Fixed cost

    • Variable cost

    • Inventory levels

    • Service levels

    • Revenue and profit

  • Manufacturing and product sourcing decisions

  • Where should warehouses and depots be located?

  • Design and development of alternative logistics solutions and costs

  • Base case model of your current supply chain, calibrated to current cost using existing costs and tariffs, or a set of synthesised cost functions

  • Fully costed supply chain solutions in a single comparative model

  • Detailed analysis of all supply chain cost elements and drivers

  • Full analysis and explanation of all supply chain dynamics

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