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Outsourcing/Tender Support

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If you are looking to re-tender your logistics operations or move from an in house operation to a third party provider, we can assist in the tendering process:

  • Solution sourcing and outsourcing

    • Barricane have considerable experience of the business development process in the third party logistics market.  We can provide:

      • Tender construction based on a sound understanding of your business.

      • Tender process management and support with supplier selection.

      • Data collection and formatting to allow each tenderer the opportunity to produce the best possible solution for your business.

      • Detailed scoring and evaluation model to allow an accurate comparison of each tender.

  • Change management and implementation

    • We have significant experience of managing the transition from one logistics operator to another.  This could be from an in house operation to a third party or from one third party operator to another.


Contact us for an informal discussion of how our extensive experience and practical applications of supply chain design can benefit your organisation.

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